Booking Information

Bookings are £5 for 25 minutes, £9 for 55 minutes or £13 for 85 minutes. Those prices are for a maximum of 3 dogs. Additional dogs are charged at £2 each.

We also offer a block booking discount – Book 5 sessions in one checkout and only get charged for 4 sessions. Great for those wanting to use the paddock on a regular basis.

Each booking gives you 25 or 55 minutes exclusive field use, with a maximum of a 5 minute buffer to leave the area before the next booking arrives. Please ensure that if you wish to use the Paw Wash area that you incorporate that into your allocated time slot. It is very important to ensure the area is vacant when the next visitor arrives as some dogs may be reactive or nervous and this should be a stress-free zone. Please adhere to these time slots as it negates the risk of any unwanted face-to-face meetings between dogs.

Payment is made online at the time of booking – if you have a problem with online payment, please get in touch and I will book you in and talk to you about alternative payment methods.

You will be able to create an account at the checkout to help speed up the booking process in future and also allows you to check the bookings you have made.

Once booked, you will receive a confirmation email. You will also receive a booking reminder 1 hour before your booking – keep this email safe as it has the access code for the gate.

Please do not arrive early for your booking. If you arrive late to your booking, this will not alter the end time of your booking. You must still ensure that you leave the site at the end of your booking to allow the next customer to start their booking on time.

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